A Photo/Essay book celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of southern Arizona's San Pedro River:

Excerpt: A desert river is both a linear oasis and a spiritual advisor. Sitting quietly along the bank of a river is a soothing experience, and one cannot help but feel more relaxed and positive after a half hour session. However, at another time, a river experience can be thrilling: noisy riffles, massive bank-to-bank logjams, or huge, old cottonwoods creaking mournfully in the wind. Unexpected encounters with wildlife are always just around the next curve. Ken Lamberton, in Dry River, quotes Alan Weisman, "Every bend of the Santa Cruz (River) is worthy of a gasp." I can think of no better way to describe the San Pedro.

The photos of the river environs and wildlife were taken by me over the last 13 years, but represent a lifetime of memories already. Come join me along the sandy banks of the Rio San Pedro, the last free-flowing perennial river in southern Arizona.

R.J. Luce
Mystery Writer & Nature Photographer