R.J. Luce
Mystery Writer & Nature Photographer
About Me:

   I lived on our family farm in Nebraska until college at the University of Nebraska and Colorado State University. After graduation, I worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in various positions for 30 years. I was a wetlands manager, big game biologist, and small mammal biologist. In the later position, I worked on reintroduction of the endangered black-footed ferret, inventoried hundreds of caves and abandoned mines for bats, and conducted counts of small mammals, songbirds, bald eagles, and prairie dogs.
   I was fortunate to be able to spend time in the remote areas I use as the setting for my books, including Hole-in-the-Wall Valley, Brown's Park, and the Wind River, Bighorn, and Copper Mountains.
   I have traveled widely in Central America, Mexico, South America, the Virgin Islands, and East Africa, birdwatching and shooting photos.
   I authored several technical wildlife publications during my career, and have written wildlife-related articles for Wyoming Wildlife and other outdoor magazines.
   I now live along the San Pedro River in southern Arizona but often visit Wyoming and Nebraska during book tours.