Interested in wildlife and the outdoors, and love a good mystery too? You've come to the right place.

Ghost in the Rocks: wildlife biologists Whip Sawtell and Cat Bonner thwart a conspiracy to steal underground water in Yucutan, Mexico and mine copper in a wilderness area in Arizona. They discover a new jaguar population in the US and plot ways to protect it. [In Press]

Disappearance Creek: you will join my characters fighting their way through a blinding snowstorm in the Wyoming high country, tracking wolves in a small plane over trackless wilderness, and following a killer with a wolf-dog into a cave with only one entrance and a lot of black holes.

Outlaw Creek: follow wildlife biologists Whip Sawtell and Cat Bonner into an abandoned mine in Wyoming. They find an endangered bat, but also two dead men, one shot over one hundred years ago, and one killed very recently. Sawtell uncovers a mystery that links back to the days of the outlaw, Butch Cassidy, and the famous Outlaw Trail. The trail eventually takes him to the Arizona border with Old Mexico.

River of Life is a photo/essay book celebrating the beauty of the San Pedro River in Arizona.

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R.J. Luce
Mystery Writer & Nature Photographer
Here are some of my favorite adventure and  mystery writers. If you like them too then you will enjoy Disappearance Creek and Outlaw Creek